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My name is Maré.

I have a Social Sciences degree and 22+ years’ experience focused on coordinating, managing, and supporting people, projects, and systems. Proven working experience in project management, team management, problem resolution, change management, system evaluation and improvement, pattern recognition, data analysis, and data processing. Sixteen of these years I worked in clinical and academic health research, and all of these years I worked for someone else. I am mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend, ordained minister, and confidant. I am also a spiritual being having a really interesting human experience! I used to be just another employee with an employee number too. Not anymore. Now, I embrace my true nature completely and help others do the same!

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Maré is a uniquely compassionate soul with a range and a depth of feeling you rarely encounter. I have for most of my life felt lost, painfully, horridly lost and never felt anyone could meet me there. She did. I feel truly blessed she has worked with me on the Heart Wall Emotion release. Right away I began to feel lighter, and I had a clarity that I felt has eluded me for so many years. I dare say, I felt joy -even amidst my same current challenges, unexplainable joy! I began to feel restored and strengthened as my energy shifted. Yes, I am still in my same challenges, but my heart is uplifted as if I can feel the sun again!

Theresa M

Theresa M


My daughter has been struggling emotionally for the last three years due to trauma. We have tried everything to help her. Finally, we decided to have her heart wall cleared. The next day when she woke up, she came into my room and told me that she was feeling more like herself again. She and her younger sister have not had the greatest relationship, but she even invited her sister to join her and her friends on their gaming server so she could play with them! My jaw is probably still on the floor somewhere.

Elizabeth S

Elizabeth S


I was stressed out studying for a major test, and I felt a lot of fears about my college future come up. Yesterday I was able to be honest with myself and acknowledge how much these fears have been weighing me down. I was finally able to have some compassion and cry for myself after months of not shedding a tear. I was able to talk with my family about the pressure I was putting on myself… and it was a weight lifted off my shoulders! I even did great on my exam afterwards. I think your session shook me up enough to bring those emotions to the surface for me to process. Thank you. I feel so much lighter!

Angela M

Angela M


Be who you are.

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“Don’t settle for a normal life. Not when you can enjoy the wonderful weirdness of being who you were created to be.”
― Craig Groeschel